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Why natural sciences

Why Natural Sciences

Many of the biggest leaps in science happen when the ideas of different disciplines come together to solve major problems. Inter-disciplinary study and research has huge value in pushing back the frontiers of scientific knowledge. As a natural scientist you will be uniquely positioned to tackle this next generation of scientific challenges as the concepts and language of multiple scientific disciplines are taught to you from day one of your degree.

From solid foundations in at least three science subjects you will build through your degree to finally specialise in two areas in your final year. By growing your knowledge of subjects side by side you will acquire a unique vision of how the concepts and tools of science link together in our understanding of the natural world, whether it's using the ideas of chemistry in biology, using physics and biochemical concepts to understand protein folding and protein trafficking, or taking concepts from maths and using them to understand how chemical reactions work at femto-second resolution.

Why study Natural Sciences