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The MNatSc, BSc Natural Sciences degree programme is possibly the most flexible degree that you can study and is designed to prepare you to take on the scientific challenges of future decades.

Course structure
Within the programme structure you have the opportunity to tailor both the scientific components of your degree and their individual weightings to create a course that builds you into the scientist that you want to be.

In your first year you study three of your chosen subjects and then gradually focus your choices throughout the four years of your degree.

Studying three science or maths disciplines in your first year really helps you get a broad understanding of how the fundamental concepts of science link together.

During the subsequent years you will further refine this knowledge in two subject areas to build up a tailor-made skill set that empowers you to use the interplay of scientific concepts to solve major scientific problems.

There is also the opportunity to take elective modules in a fourth science or other topics such as languages during year 2 or to insert a year spent studying abroad or working in industry between your second and third year.

So you can see how much flexibility there is to tune this programme to make it really work for you and give you a tailor-made set of skills to underpin your future career aspirations.

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Student profile

Hannah Charlton

MNatSc Natural Sciences

"It's such a flexible course, I can pick which modules I want to study which fits around what I'm interested in the most!"

The challenges of the course