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A Natural Sciences degree will open the door to many possibilities

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It is difficult to know what the future holds but one thing is certain, it will be shaped by the scientific advances made by graduates who are able to bring research to life and adapt new knowledge for the benefit of our everyday lives.

Technological advances, whether they be in medicine, electronics, energy provision, climate monitoring, or any other scientific field of endeavour are driven by research. Research that encompasses academia, government agencies, non-government organisations (NGOs) and corporate enterprise. Whilst a depth of knowledge, often involving specialisation, is required in research, putting the results of research into action also needs a breadth of knowledge and a range of generic skills to work across functional, social and political boundaries.

As a Natural Sciences graduate, you will be in the perfect position to pursue a research career in your chosen field of science or mathematics, having experienced four years of study and gained an insight into the development of new knowledge and its application.  

For many graduates the natural progression is into postgraduate study, to further develop their research skills and subject knowledge, whether at PhD or Masters level. However, there are also many opportunities to immediately take up employment in research or a variety of other roles in areas such as consultancy, teaching, sales, marketing, technical support or general management, across a wide range of employment sectors, where your multidisciplinary skills will be in high demand.

The breadth of subject knowledge, research skills and practical experience that you will gain whilst studying for a Natural Sciences degree will open the door to a wide range of employment opportunities. Whether advancing knowledge in a research role or leading economic, environmental, social or political change in a professional capacity you will not only shape your own future but that of many others.

Throughout your studies we will provide all the advice, support and guidance you need to find a career that suits you. Visit our employability pages to find out more.