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A modern computer processes an instruction in less time than light from the screen takes to reach your eye.

Bringing the ideas from different disciplines together

Natural Sciences student in the lab

Welcome to Natural Sciences at the University of Leeds

Natural Sciences is a prestigious multi-disciplinary programme that enables you to study a combination of science and mathematics subjects in an Integrated Masters degree.

You can choose to study a combination of subjects chosen from Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Environmental Science, and Food Science and Nutrition.

Throughout your study you will be able to sculpt your choice of modules so that you acquire a special set of skills that give you a detailed understanding of both the individual sciences and the relationships between them. This global vision places you in a unique position to tackle the scientific challenges of the future.


As a student on the Natural Sciences course you will not only benefit from our exceptional facilities which support sciences and mathematics, but also from the international reputation for quality of teaching and research at the University of Leeds. You will have access to some of the largest range of options of any degree which means that you make your degree really work to meet your individual needs. 


Advice from our students

One of our Natural Sciences students, Becky Middleton, has been praised in the Yorkshire post for being “a great example of a modern scientist” by her research placement supervisor.

Read what one of our current students thinks about his academic experience.